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smart electric drive | house of smart Austin

Vyšlo na webu Smart dne 28.4.2017


smart presents: house of smart Austin. Escape. Connect. Recharge.4 days, the new smart electric drive and one mission: Electrifying Austin. During SXSW festival, house of smart opened its doors on Austin’s iconic Sixth Street with hitchhikes in the new smart electric drive, inspiring talks and workshops featuring Head of smart Dr. Annette Winkler, Daimler’s Dieter Zetsche, Guy Kawasaki, Cory Richards, Kasita founder Jeff Wilson, Cabin Spacey and more. Ready for a rewind?More information about smart: — http://smart.com — http://facebook.com/smart— http://youtube.com/smart — http://twitter.com/smart_worldwide — http://pinterest.com/smartworldwide — http://instagram.com/smart_worldwide— http://smart-magazine.com

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